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Treat attendees and VIPs to unique, thoughtful gifts they will definitely want to take home. has selected an assortment of items that can make work and travel more enjoyable, and contribute to good health and well-being. Bonus: Everyone will remember your event!

By the Sea

These handmade, hand-cut glycerin soaps are perfect mementos of summer. They have the frosted look of sea glass, and as you use them they become even more rounded and shimmering. Each muslin bag comes with 14 ounces of soaps, including some shaped like seashells.

Keep Headaches at Bay

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Pulling together a meeting can be a headache—literally. Stash this baby in your bag and at the first sign of pain, dab on your temples and neck to zap it. The product contains lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, and herbs such as white willow bark, feverfew and skullcap.

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A Spot of Tea

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Planners can pack light with these dissolvable, organic tea drops. Simply place one in your cup, add hot water, and moments later you’ll sip a blissful blend of finely sourced tea, sugar and aromatic spices. The sampler set includes two drops each of citrus ginger, vanilla white, rose earl grey and sweet peppermint.

Mr. Fix-It

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Sugru is a handy, self-setting rubber developed to be super malleable, bond to almost anything and be heat and cold resistant. It’s essential at events to fix furniture, jewelry, broken wires and electronics—even to make pens easier to grip. The substance is limited only by your imagination. Packets of three are available in black, white, silver, red and blue.

Kit to Care for Plants

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Take the guesswork out of caring for your desk and office plants. This build-it-yourself, solar-powered sensor will tell you when your plants need watering. Even tech novices can create a moisture sensor from plaster of paris and nails, then twist a circuit together and connect it to a solar panel that tells an LED to flash when plants are thirsty.

Watch Over You

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Sammy Screamer guards your stuff. Stick her in your handbag or carry-on, or hang her on your hotel room door. If anybody moves her, she screams—er, beeps loudly—and sends a notification to your smartphone. Sammy is controlled remotely via phone; if you’re out of range when she notifies you, the message will arrive as soon as you’re back in range.