Your June Smart Style Has Arrived

Hand-picked gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re honing in on the sweet start of summer smart style with products and tools that will serve you and attendees poolside and office-side all season long. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings to get featured on social.

A Midsummer Night’s Drink

Picture this: One hundred happy attendees sipping sangria in the sun with Kimberly McKinnis’ hand-blown watermelon tumblers in hand.

The Center (piece) of Attention

A balancing desktop mobile, handmade in Spain, is sure to inspire some colorful conversations this summer.

MoreGive Your Guests a Gift all Their Own

Pocket Gym Wins

The Monkii Tactical Kit packs a full workout in 21.5 ounces so you can get fit wherever you go. Just follow along with the mobile app!

Super Sonic Skincare

No excuses: This one-minute, one-button cleanse with Mia Prima Sonic Facial Brush is planners’ secret for perfect skin.

Travel Companion

Say “I do” to this chic jewelery case that keeps accessories organized and on hand.

RelatedMake the Most of Your May Smart Style

Skin Rescue

It’s a hydrating, water-based liquid foundation stick with SPF 25.

Summer Sweets

June gloom stands no chance against gift-wrapped marshmallows, strawberry gummies and pink caramel corn delivered to your client’s door.


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