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Congratulations to Merix Gustin, our last Smart Style winner!

For the Beauty Boss

Nudey Queen

Sephora Favorites’ Give Me Some Nude Lip set includes a multibranded mix of liquid lipstick, gloss, lipstick and a lip plumper. Basically everything you need to ace the nude hue.

Swan Queen

This one-of-a-kind ornament is trimmed with feathers and showered in glitter. The elegant bird is the ideal gift for the regal swans in your life.

Calm Take-Out

Gorgeously packaged in a damask take-out box, a bundle of goodies including candle, sachet, bath salts and soap are strung together by the calming effect of lavender.

For the Fitness Fanatic

Weightless Cover

This jacket insulates heat, or cool-downs while maintaining a weightless feel. The special Nulu fabric is buttery soft and moisure-wicking. Plus, it has built-in gloves and hand covers.

The Mat to Nirvana

Looking to awaken your inner yoga star? This galaxy-colored mat is made of eco-friendly materials and has anti-slip properties with double-sided, anti-skid surfaces.

If the Fitbit Fits…

The Fitbit has undergone a sweet makeover in this lavender hue. This pretty gadget is easy to wear and uses the latest technology to track your daily fitness goals and even phone notifications.

Night Runner

While training for the Boston Marathon, Doug Storer designed these shoe lights, which provide 270 degrees of visibility in front plus two rear-facing taillights for nighttime visibility.

For Season Sentiments

8 Days of Treats

Olive and Cocoa presents essentials for a sweet Hanukkah. The hand-crafted wooden box is filled to the brim with a variety of chocolate, caramel, jellybean, fudge and, of course, chocolate coin treats!

Be Merry Christmas Card

This playful holiday card is an instant delight. The set comes with eight cards that include 3-D elements and die-cuts.

Long-Distance Lamps

Never feel far from loved ones with this in-sync lamp set. Simply touch it with your hand and the glow will emanate on the paired lamp miles away, even across the country, using Wi-Fi.

For the Practiced Professional

Sip on Surrealism

The mug is beautifully designed in quintessential Frida Kahlo fashion. Her quote can appear in English or Spanish. It says, “I never painted my dreams, I only painted my own reality.”

Preserve the Present

The modern time capsule includes everything needed to write letters and even store mementos for future opening (simply write the future date). Stunning stationary, a keepsake box and prompts are provided.

Colorful Culture Collaboration

The notebook set is designed by Inouitoosh, a Parisian brand, and crafted in India using all-natural fibers. It balances a classic French style with traditional Indian textile designs.

Zero-Gravity Zen

Forget 2018; it’s time to start living in 3018. An electro-magnetically powered planter gives this floating succulent a futuristic Zen vibe no matter where you place it.