Bellingrath Gardens and Home, Theodore

It features gorgeous, inspiring settings for meetings

Azalea blossoms tucked beneath majestic oaks and the heavy scent of gardenias can almost be intoxicating. That’s exactly what groups find in the rolling hills of Alabama, where a subtropical climate with mild winters enables plants to not only thrive, but downright strut at their peak.

“One of the great things about living in Alabama is that gardening is a year-round activity—we can have something blooming every month of the year,” says Steve Bender, writer of “The Grumpy Gardener” column for Southern Living. “And we have outstanding gardens to visit from north to south, including the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Aldridge Gardens in Birmingham, Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore and the Mobile Botanical Gardens in Mobile.”

In a state also recognized for its artistic and cultural offerings, that’s a formidable enticement, especially in spring.

“Our gardens are a spectacular way to enjoy the beautiful spring season,” says Brian Jones, a spokesperson for the Alabama Tourism Department. “Because of the range of climates and soil conditions in Alabama, visitors can experience a variety of garden foliage and settings throughout the state.”

Nothing compares to stunning scenery provided in a Southern garden, whether it’s a formal setting with hardscapes or a walkable trail through the woods.

Shadow the Alabama Garden Trail across the state to experience uniquely designed gardens that have been carved into the landscape. Serious gardeners and nongardeners alike will be enthralled by strolling among manicured florae that gently tells the story of the local history and culture.

With over 20 state forests and even more state parks, Alabama’s range of diversity is far and wide. Between laying claim to a space flight center and landmarks of the American civil rights movement to enthusiastic football fans and the world’s only boll weevil monument, this state knows how to make visitors feel welcome. Combined with its compelling art scene, the milieu is idyllic any time of year.

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