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Get Hotel Points for Dining Out or Dining In

Imagine having a pizza delivered to your hotel room, and getting rewards points from your hotel for dessert. Or booking a table at your local sushi joint and getting hotel points for that, too. If you belong to hotel and airline loyalty programs—millions of us do—then you know they often award points for stuff other…

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Hilton Initiative Boosts Passport Applications

With more stringent identification checks looming at airports, Hilton Hotels and Resorts is collaborating with the U.S. State Department on an initiative that encourages more Americans to apply for passports. The initiative, Hilton Passport Project, stipulates that every few weeks, a Hilton property in the United States will have a passport concierge booth where guests…

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Loews Goes Local

Gone are the days of “one size fits all” hotels. From paintings by local artists adorning walls to local craft brews on tap at the bar, to common-area decor showcasing local recycled materials, to customizable wellness and fitness options in guest rooms, hotels are competing to offer unique experiences and a distinctive sense of place….

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Wyndham to Add 46 US Properties

Wyndham Hotel Group continues to solidify its standing as a big dog on the U.S. midscale and economy hotel landscape. The company inked an agreement with American Hotel Income Properties REIT (AHIP) to convert more than 44 existing hotels across the United States into Wyndham-flagged brands, as well as to operate them. The well-known brands…

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2017 Supplier of the Year

Magnificent events require a coordinated effort by all players and these hospitality stars delivered Events are a contact sport and sometimes the key players are the people you don’t see on the conference floor—the visionaries, the leaders, the doers and the rising stars. In some instances, they created the infrastructure that supports our meetings. Some…

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A Bit Off the Beaten Track, But Totally Worth It: New & Renovated

Harold Lloyd Estate The former Palms Springs retreat of legendary silent film comedian, actor and director Harold Lloyd—can anyone forget him dangling from the hands of a huge bell-tower clock in Safety Last?—has been renovated as a special events venue for up to 200 people. The 1.1-acre property was built in 1925 and includes a…

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