Best Practices and Trends in Medical Meetings

Presenter: Marnie Miller Battistini, Founder/CEO at Miller Tanner, and Laura Noel, Director of Strategic Development at Miller Tanner

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A medical meeting planner’s job has evolved from providing excellent logistics support into being a clever/talented problem-solver that can make our brand of ‘magic’ happen within specific, and sometimes very tight, budgets. Trends are showing us that the event industry has embraced technology as a reliable, affordable resource to use creatively, and that our meeting audiences has culturally accepted it as a component of their meetings. Flawless logistical outcomes with excellent customer service is the foundation for our work product, but now we need to become experts in technology. We need to deploy the RIGHT technology in the RIGHT scenario. We need to know/understand our clients’ messaging and translate the technologies’ benefits in a way that helps our clients achieve their meeting goals—usually as the technology expert. Best practices on the use of technology will be discussed in today’s session. We look forward to hearing YOUR voice.

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