What is AI Good for Anyway: Meeting Planner Edition

Presenters: Amy Kramer, Nick Borelli, Alexa Berube

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We have all heard that Generative AI can do everything a meeting professional can do, but faster. But specifically what are the things that humans can leverage the technology for, what still needs improvement and what are the “higher value” things meeting professionals will be able to do once they are freed of mundane tasks? We talk to experts about what event professionals need to know to be on the winning side of any shakeout and how they can protect their companies during this wild west phase of the tool.

You will learn:

  • Specific applications of Generative AI in the meetings space
  • How to use AI to improve event outcomes
  • Tips for managing AI and data privacy concerns
  • Steps to take to protect privacy and proprietary data
Amy Kramer serves as the Innovation Leader for Maritz. She joined Maritz in 2007 and has served in a variety of leadership roles within strategy, design, business development and sales, with a common goal of driving growth and innovation. Amy received her degree in Psychology, which has been instrumental in progressing the organization’s foundation of driving and moving people. And fun fact: she is also a Master Designer. Amy has earned several industry awards including the RPI Spotlight Award, Smart Meetings Innovator Award and 2023 Women to Watch. She has also been recognized by Maritz with several performance awards, including its highest honor of Masters. Amy is a creative speaker, innovator, and influencer in our industry. Her passion is servant leadership, innovation, and she brings fun and energy to each project. She loves to travel, explore wine, and spend time with her LARGE family, which includes her husband of 20 years, four children, two dogs and two bearded dragons.

Nick Borelli has spent two decades bringing the world together through digital marketing for intentionally designed events. As an instructor at PCMA Event Leadership Institute and marketing director with Zenus Inc., a leader in ethical AI, he helps event organizers bring the power (and magic) of artificial intelligence to their work. This is your chance to get hands-on to understand the benefits and precautions required to move into an AI future.

As co-founder of New York City-based Reposite, Alexa Berube developed an AI-powered marketplace to help meeting planners improve productivity, create and track proposals, explore new suppliers and reduce sourcing time from days to minutes.
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