In order to perform at their peak, meeting planners must be sharp and well-rested. A good night’s sleep is crucial to feeling refreshed and restored.  Westin Hotels & Resorts has long been an innovator in wellbeing programs, including sleep initiatives. In celebration of World Sleep Day March 18, the company is giving away prizes that include a Westin Heavenly Bed and a 5-night stay at any Westin location. Sweepstakes entries will be accepted through April 30.

Below, Westin offers 12 tips for a better night’s sleep:

1. Develop a sleep routine that includes a consistent bedtime schedule. To alleviate morning stress, lay out clothes, prep lunch and set the coffeemaker the night before.


2. To sleep well, eat a light dinner, avoiding complex carbohydrates, fried foods and elaborate desserts. The new Westin Sleep Well menu, available at all Westin properties, is chock full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that prevent insomnia and encourage rest. Dishes reportedly conducive to sleep include grilled wild salmon with walnut quinoa and chopped turkey salad.

3. Beverages also play a role in restful sleep. It is recommended to avoid coffee six hours before bedtime, and wine three hours before retiring. Non-caffeinated teas are an ideal alternative. Lavender, chamomile or valerian teas are gentle sleep aids.

4. Certain smells have been shown to be conducive to better sleep. Prior to retiring, relax the room and its occupants with a lovely scent.  Westin makes and sells white tea room sprays and reed diffusers.

5. Take a warm bath or shower about an hour before bedtime. In addition to being a relaxing way to prepare the body for slumber, it also provides more time in the morning for other pursuits such as exercise (see last tip).


6. Consciously wind down before climbing under the covers. Quiet the mind and relax the body with breathing and meditation techniques. Don’t fret about what was not accomplished. Tomorrow is another day.

7. Temperature influences sleep. Set the thermostat to a cool 65 degrees for the most comfortable sleep. Some find wearing socks to bed also improves sleep quality.

8. Make sure to turn off all tech, including smartphones and tablets. New research indicates that blue light emitted from electronic devices can prevent those who sleep near them from attaining deep REM sleep.

9. While some crave absolute silence, others require some noise in order to fall asleep. Instead of a blaring television, try some relaxing nature sounds. Many apps can provide ambient sounds or soft music.


10. A comfy mattress, pillows and sheet set are important components to resting easy. Westin is known for its Heavenly Bed, feather and down pillows, and soft Egyptian cotton sheets. Guests who wake up feeling great after experiencing them can purchase them online from Westin.

11. Don’t allow pets to sleep on the bed. Their dander can trigger allergies, disrupting everyone’s sleep. Westin actually sells a Heavenly Bed for dogs online that will keep them safely (and happily) on the floor.

12. Exercise is an important component of health that increases the heart rate and blood flow. When performed in the morning, it causes the release of “feel good” endorphins that linger throughout the day. Paradoxically, exercise also helps people fall asleep because it exhausts the muscles. For the maximum effect, exercise earlier in the day.