There’s nothing like whipping out your phone to get directions or check your email, only to discover that the battery on your mobile device is dangerously low. Here are nine tips for saving battery power on mobile devices. The following suggestions work on both Apple and Android platforms.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi constantly searches for signals, draining the battery in the process. By switching off the Wi-Fi you will not only save battery life, but will also speed up the connection to the network you are on.

Don’t auto-update apps. Change your settings so your device is not automatically updating your all apps in the background, using up valuable juice. Manually select what you want to update.

Turn off auto-brightness. Although it may seem obvious, the dimmer the screen, the less battery power is used.

Take advantage of Do Not Disturb/Sleep Mode. Set your device to this setting at night. Not only will it save battery life, it will eliminate those annoying text clink notifications that can disturb your sleep.

Disable location features. Tracking location sucks major battery life because you may have granted many of your apps permission to access your location. When the battery grows weak, turn off this feature unless absolutely necessary.

Don’t be pushy. The constant pings of push notifications are not only annoying, they also drain battery life. Be choosy when accepting push notifications.

Be judicious about animated special effects. While they may look cool, they are a major juice suck. If battery life is a concern, load them sparingly.

Be an autolock jock. The faster you set the phone screen to autolock, the longer your battery will last.

Fly high with airplane mode. Use it all the time, not just when flying. The setting will halt on automatic battery drainers such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and app refresh, and the device will recharge much faster when put in airplane mode.