Are you following the rules of Zoom call etiquette? Do you know how to break the ice when face to face with 50 of your closest online meeting pals? When it comes to taking your client and team meetings online—or even meeting a new partner or supplier for 1:1 business—these tips, tools and mistakes to avoid will help you conquer virtual meetings.

icebreakers6 Great Virtual Meeting Icebreakers

Whether it’s a short icebreaker or a team-building activity, icebreakers have become commonplace at virtual meetings and events. But it might make inviting 50 people into your living room by logging into that Zoom call a little less awkward. Here are ideas to get you started.

digital meetings5 Tips for Pivoting to Digital Meetings

Because of travel restrictions and teams working remotely, many organizations have converted in-person events to live webcasting and video streams. As the world shifts to this new approach, some critical lessons remain for businesses taking their events online. To help, here are a few best practices.

virtuallyVirtually There: Tech Meetings

When the Chinese smartphone company OnePlus was ready to launch its flagship product, it wanted an audience larger than any ballroom could hold. The solution? A virtual reality product launch. Traditional event planners can learn from tech companies like OnePlus as they rush to pivot to digital. These best practices will get you started.

3 Ways to Engage During Your Next Online Meeting

The challenges associated with producing a successful virtual event haven’t changed; they’ve been amplified. As we continue to connect through screens, it will take something special to make participants engage with longer-form events. These ideas will guide you as you plan your next meetings in virtual settings.

3 Ways to Kill Your Zoom Meetings

2020 is the year of the Zoom meeting. Making video conferencing work is not a slam dunk, however. It takes much more effort to keep people engaged. Here are tips for making your next Zoom meeting the best one yet.

The New Normal: 3 Tips for Conducting Real Business in the Virtual Space

As meeting professionals continue social distancing, helping teams stay creative and collaborative in their virtual meeting places has become a required skill. The following techniques will help businesses decrease their time in transition and increase their productivity over broadband.

Here’s How Virtual Meetings Can Capture the Business of 1:1

As meeting professionals pivot to virtual, traditional streaming technology is delivering some aspects of the face-to-face meeting more effectively than others. Record the keynote? Check. Poll and ask questions? Sure. But what about the important business function of connecting buyers and sellers in a series of one-on-one meetings? A new solution is on the way.

5 Mistakes to Avert in Virtual Meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly thrust online meetings into the spotlight as some companies and organizations venture into them for the first time while others rely on them more than ever. Avoid these mistakes to master your Zooms.

4 Tips for Staying Cybersecure in a Remote Workplace

Smart Meetings consulted Douglas Williams, president and CEO of Williams Data Management, for tips on the best practices to protect your company and attendees—including shielding virtual guests from emerging “Zoombombing” attacks.

Best Practices for Just in Time Virtual Meetings

Delivering the value of a conference via a video stream is not as easy as pointing a video camera at the keynote. By starting with goals and objectives and exploring emerging technologies, you can deliver a surprising amount of meaning for your stakeholders. We polled leading event technology companies for tips on what to consider if you are virtual curious.

6 Virtual Meeting Tools to Facilitate Working from Home

While sending everyone home could be an inconvenience, it isn’t as much of a hurdle anymore: It’s even prompting many companies to revive a discussion about making remote work more permanent. If you’re finding communication to be slow with co-workers during this time, several programs could serve as viable solutions.