Working from home always seems like a good idea until it’s not. Logging in from the comfort of your pajamas might sound delightful, but those who have taken a WFH day know it can be a double-edge sword. Distractions are abundant and structure sparse. Not to mention, it gets pretty darn lonely. The human connection provided by an office setting is vital to mental wellness, and therefore to productivity.

Cue coworking spaces. This term refers to offices that combine the autonomy of freelancing with the organization, and at times community, of an office. Also, keep in mind that although they have “co” in the title, most of these facilities also offer private offices on-site. The concept has become so popular that the Global Coworking Survey of 2017 predicted nearly 1.2 million people worldwide would have worked in a coworking space by 2018.

These facilities are particularly useful to meeting and event planners, specifically in the following scenarios:

1. Traveling

2. Launching a new business

3. Working independently

4. Holding small gatherings or networking events

Sold on coworking? Here are some of the companies setting the stage for this massive movement.


Locations: 171 locations in 18 countries

WeWork is regarded as the pioneer of casual coworking space that fosters innovation. The experience is enhanced by free refreshments, conference rooms and discounts from more than 200 partners.

Hera Hub

Locations: Carlsbad, California; San Diego; Phoenix; Washington, D.C.; Sweden

Hera Hub is a female-centric coworking space and business accelerator. The spa-inspired environment discourages stress. The platform also connects users to business experts and educational workshops.

Locations in Chicago, Atlanta and Irvine, California, are expected to open soon.

The Farm Soho

Location: New York City

Located in the utmost convenient and trendy New York City neighborhood, The Farm is an unexpected oasis. The organic-designed interior transports city nomads to somewhere more peaceful—but not without the latest technology. The Farm even offers a treehouse work space and items made of barn wood from Missouri.


Locations: Portland, Oregon; Lake Tahoe, California; Santa Cruz, California; Venice Beach, California; San Diego; Haleiwa, Oahu Island, Hawaii; New York City; Rincon, Puerto Rico; Bejuco, Costa Rica; Bali, Indonesia; Lisbon, Portugal.

Outsite members and one-time users can stay on-site at the brand’s luxury homes, which are run by their community managers. Their sophisticated spaces foster connections among creatives, academics, entrepreneurs and developers.

The Lab Miami

Location: Miami

Centrally located in the iconic Wynwood Arts District, The Lab Miami is in a converted, 10,000-square-foot warehouse. Since opening in 2012, the company has rapidly attracted Miami’s creative elite. It offers four different plans, so members can get as involved with community as they like.

Co+Hoots Coworking

Location: Phoenix

Co+Hoots is the only shared central Phoenix office locational that promotes professional collaboration. It also stands out for its emphasis on community, local businesses, shared resources and entrepreneurialism.


Locations: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Danvers (all in Massachusetts)

Workbar provides cozy coworking spaces, meeting rooms, social meetups and educational workshops in the Greater Boston area (both urban and suburban). The space is uniquely laid out into different “neighborhoods,” with each facilitating a certain aspect of productivity. For instance, the Commons is for team collaboration while the Study is for quiet time.