Buzzwords are irritating—plain and simple. Even the term buzzword is cringe-worthy. Overuse and misapplication has made these terms tiresome. Instead of just bashing them though, we’re offering more unique and precise alternatives. Whether you’re writing up an event program, e-blast, blog post or even just a Tweet, it’s time to showcase a fresh vocabulary.

Buzz Word

Why Not?


Thought leader There’s no concrete way to achieve this status. Influencer, expert or authority
Hyperlocal When you tack on “hyper”, no value is added and it’s no longer a word. Local, regional or characteristic
Authentic The word has devolved into the most inauthentic word. Genuine, legitimate, bona fide or natural
Synergy  Used too frequently, yet exclusively, in business settings. Collaboration, team effort or combined effort
At the end of the day What other point in time matters? Ultimately, after all or fundamentally
Utilize The shorter form “use” can almost always take its place. Use, apply, consume or exercise
Storytelling Although it’s a fun term, many use it too loosely to describe other types of information sharing. Narrative, writing, style or content
Innovative It’s muddled by over-representation. The word no longer has a spark. More specific adjectives, depending on the specific case, words such as artistic, stylish or advanced
Holistic  An appropriate term for an approach to health care, but ambiguous when applied to much else. Comprehensive, universal or balanced