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How to Plan Better Medical Meetings by the Numbers

Now that events are going back to in person, how can meeting professionals deliver the same level of detailed success metrics to the executive team about the range of value delivered on the investment? Two veteran meeting designers joined Smart Chat Live! Webinar to share their handy framework for putting competing goals in perspective and utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Spoiler alert: It starts with understanding the purpose of the event and getting everyone to align behind that.   

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Flight Plan

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Essential List: Top International Travel Apps of 2022

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The Heatwave of the Future Is Here

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How to Zoom Your Events Like a Pro

businessman looking at the entrance of a maze, representing navigating covid during business meetings

The Challenge of Safely Returning to In-person Corporate Events

Many employers saw remote work and virtual events as a short-term answer to the problem of potentially contracting Covid at the start of the pandemic. But going virtual isn’t the long-term plan for many companies. What creative strategies can corporate event planners and HR professionals use to maximize engagement and bring back in-person attendance safely?