A Labor Day Parade in New York City, 2010

The Mutual Benefits of Planning with a Unionized Property

As with many Monday holidays, most appreciate Labor Day for shortening the work week. However, with the chaotic state of staffing in the hospitality industry, the 140th year of celebrating labor unions merits a second look. Unionized hotels provide the stability and training that hospitality workers are seeking—they could be part of the solution to […]

headshot of Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller: on Being Relentless

group of colleagues in an office looking excited

Why Event-led Growth Is the Key to Long-term Success

man looking at digital tablet while colleague shows him something at work

The Sure Way for Association Leaders to Get Constructive Feedback About Meetings

Audience Applauding Speaker After Conference Presentation

How to Plan Better Medical Meetings by the Numbers

animated image of three hands taking pieces from pie chart

Partner Your Way Through the Post-pandemic Surge

Post-pandemic supply chain shortages and weak staffing have resulted in difficult times for event profs. But here's how you can get creative.