FOUND:RE Phoenix is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle hotel experience inspired by local contemporary art, culture, fashion and music. The newly opened 105-room hotel welcomes guests and Valley residents to delve into the museum-worthy spaces as well as the creative programming woven throughout. The newly unveiled on-site restaurant, MATCH Cuisine & Cocktails, sizzles as Phoenix’s newest culinary dining destination. An art and hotel concept unlike any other, FOUND:RE Phoenix sparks curiosity and brings the creative culture together.

“Our goal is to create a place of community and invoke a sense of wonder for every guest at FOUND:RE Phoenix,” said Vittal Calamur, general manager. “We want people to feel inspired, connected, and engaged on a visceral level. We want every experience here to be an opportunity for our guests to discover and learn something new – we want you to find yourself.”

The soul of the hotel is centered around a vibrant art milieu, led by Cultural Curator Michael Oleskow. He has sourced more than 25 artists to feature works of various mediums enmeshed into every aspect of the guest experience, igniting curiosity and a sense of discovery. Both the Studio and the Gallery spaces will feature a roster of rotating shows, pop-ups and artists throughout the year. The hotel’s opening has forever changed the landscape of Downtown Phoenix with a captivating eight-story digital projection exterior light installation. Additionally, an outdoor display box provides omnipresent public art by exhibiting ever-changing, avant-garde masterpieces created by local artists.

Each piece of art has been sourced from Arizona artists, supporting the local artists, economy and overall health of the community. Notable local artists whose work will be featured at FOUND:RE Phoenix include Diego Perez, Cheryle Marine, Niki Woehler and Kathy Taylor. Five of FOUND:RE’s artists were recently selected to exhibit at ArtLink’s 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, where Kathy Taylor was selected as a runner up; a true testament to the hotels commitment to downtown Phoenix’s vibrant cultural art scene.

“FOUND:RE Phoenix truly unites our local artists with the global community,” said Michael Oleskow, cultural curator. “Not only are their works featured throughout the hotel, but guests can actually purchase the works, take them home, and keep the very best of Arizona with them forever. We can even arrange to take our guests on private tours of the artists’ studios and workspaces.”