American Fliers More Satisfied With Airport Security in 2017

The wait time to go through airport security is so unpredictable. Sometimes you breeze right through and other times, you’re left huffing and puffing to race to your gate to avoid missing your flight. The good news is, a new survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group in April 2017 shows that 67.7% of Americans are satisfied with the overall TSA screening process. This is up approximately 4% from last year. Only about 15% of the 2,854 passengers surveyed in this study said they were unsatisfied.

Something that has been consistent for four years running is that of all the security measures the TSA enforces at the checkpoint, passengers would most like to eliminate the requirement to take off their footwear.

Increased enrollment in programs such as TSA PreCheck and Global Entry have contributed to more efficient security. These passengers do not have to remove their shoes, laptops or liquids at 160 U.S. airports. It also creates a shorter mainstream line for other passengers without this designation. More than 50% of passengers surveyed are okay with wait times and less than 5% expressed frustration.

“There were plenty of lessons to be learned from last year’s struggles with extremely long security lines…,” Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko said in a press release. “Balancing the safety and security of travelers with their comfort and convenience is not easy. But it appears the system is working better today than it was one year ago.”

For the fastest and least stressful travel experience, arrive at the airport aware of the latest TSA regulations, so you can quickly remove necessary items from your body and carry-on. Your fellow passengers will thank you for helping to move the line along.