While many airline passengers face the struggle of getting comfortable in constantly shrinking seat space, wealthy travelers sometimes opt for the suites provided by some airlines on long-distance trips.

Skift selected seven of the top airline suites that are available on airlines throughout the world.

Japan Airlines’ 777 Sky Suite: They offer custom, double-sided bedding, which can be either firm of soft. It doesn’t offer a fully closed environment with sliding privacy doors, however. A more affordable junior business-class suite is available that is comparable to the JAL Sky Suite.

Singapore Airlines’ A380 First Class Suite: These suites provide the equivalent of a double cabin and include sliding doors, a comfortable bed, top shelf service and plenty of other features designed to pamper. They can be converted to twice the regular width for couples.

Emirates’ First Class Private Suite: Boasting a sliding privacy door, a mini bar, a vanity and outstanding in-flight entertainment, these cabins are oozing with luxury. They’re available on the airline’s A380s (which include a shower/spa and dressing room), A340-500s and most Boeing 777s.

Etihad Airways’ First Apartment: These suites are excellent, slightly more affordable alternatives to the airline’s much publicized The Residence, which is available only on select A380s. Whereas The Residence is limited to one per plane, several First Apartments are available on upgraded A380 and 787 aircraft. And passengers have complete privacy in an enclosed cabin, as well as plenty of room, luxury and VIP treatment.

Asiana Airlines’ First Class Suite: Among the most elegantly designed suites available, they offer two sliding doors a bed nearly 7 feet long and a 32-inch high-definition television monitor. Staff members attend to normal suite duties as well as offer magic tricks and other entertainment.

Air France’s La Premiere Cabine: Rather than installing hard-shelled cabin doors in suites, Air France opted for curtains and a light, airy aesthetic. These cabins also feature a 6 foot, 6 inch bed and Sofitel bedding.

JetBlue’s Mint: Skift added this suite to the bunch as an attractive but more affordable alternative to the other six. It’s more of a business class seat than a suite, but comes with lots of in-flight perks, good meals, very fast Wi-Fi and plenty of in-flight entertainment, including TV.

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