Business travel, formerly considered by many as more of a chore than an enjoyable activity, is now viewed as a business perk by 75 percent of millennials, according to a recent survey by Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

The results suggest that most respondents feel that a break from routine, small cubicles, and regular and repetitive meetings is enjoyable, and that travel to a new city can feel like a mini-vacation, even if it is strictly for business. Millennials also develop a sense of confidence and accomplishment in representing a company. The amount of knowledge that employees acquire during workshops and panels, and the networking that occurs at these events, are also major reasons 53 percent of millennial business people said they “love” traveling.

Also, 65 percent of the 1,200 people surveyed view traveling as a status symbol, while 57 percent see covered business expenses as a perk. And more than one-third of respondents reported starting a romantic relationship due to their trips.

Businesspeople who have yet to travel are also eager to move around. Eighty-three percent wish they could travel more often, and they, too, agree that perks, including a hotel stay and complimentary breakfast, are appealing to them.

Business travel occasionally has its downsides. Despite the joy that comes from breaking a rigid, day-to-day schedule, it can also lead to compromise. A reported 58 percent sacrificed sleep and wellness, while 65 percent admitted to bringing work out gear and failing to use it. Without a certain amount of stability and self-care, exhaustion and burnout may be inevitable. On top of this, 34 percent said they continue to feel the stress from business travel three to seven days after the trip.

Despite its cons, it doesn’t appear that the excitement and urge to travel will die down anytime soon. Thirty-nine percent declared that they would not take a job if it did not include business travel—a significant number considering the sample group size. It appears that millennials and their wanderlust are not satisfied purely by the occasional vacation—they want more, and they want it often.