Meeting planners know that energy matters. Vibe and atmosphere are the most important parts of any event. It is the planners’ job to curate this atmosphere by arranging tables, chairs and decorations. They know that the energy in a space effects productivity and mood. While you spend so much time and energy on the feng shui of your events, what about the feng shui in your life? If you work in an office, you spend about eight hours every day at your desk. That is a lot of time. Channeling the right atmosphere at your desk is just as important as at your events. Improve your feng shui and you will improve your productivity and happiness, and by extension, your events! Here are some simple steps to feng shui your desk in no time according to feng shui specialist Rodika Tchi, and the popular tidier Marie Kondo.


Rodika Tchi starts from the beginning. She says your desk itself contributes to your feng shui. Consider color, shape and material. She suggests wood. “Not only does it bring natural energy into your space, but it also has both nourishing, as well as a vibrant quality of energy.” In contrast, a glass desk lacks solidity and grounding while a metal desk brings sharpness to the forefront (which isn’t always bad). A laminate desk has lifeless, passive energy.

Shape and Position

The shape of your desk plays a big role in the feng shui of your office space. What desk shapes should you avoid? Tchi says square, oval and circular ones because they create a sense of energy stagnation or continuous motion, both of which can hinder productivity. Not only does shape matter, so does position—particularly in relation to your office door or cubicle entrance, which should be visible from your desk. If possible, having your back against a wall is also helpful (I bet you’ve never heard that before) and avoid directly facing a wall or window—you want to give room for energy to flow through your space.


Whether you are deciding on the color of your desk, a vase or a chair, it is important to remember that color impacts feng shui in a big way. Some colors, such as black and brown are grounding and promote concentration. Others inspire creativity and some aid focus. White is often a good choice if you have trouble focusing and yellow is seen to illicit happiness. However, it is important to remember that whatever works for you and your feng shui is fair game—feel free to play around and change it up every now and then.


Kondo is the modern day tidying up guru. She has several books, a Netflix show, goes on tours inspiring people and her name has even become a verb as in “You should Marie-Kondo your desk.” What does this mean? Essentially, de-clutter! Picture the kind of desk you want and then take stock of the things that you currently have. Do they spark joy? Are they necessary? If not, you don’t need them messing with your energy and productivity by cluttering up your desk.

Green on Green on Green

If recent trends of ‘forest bathing’ are any indication, it seems that people are finally recognizing the importance of nature. While we don’t suggest turning your desk into a forest, a few plants can freshen your air and lighten your mood. Succulents are adorable, trendy, almost impossible to kill and easily available at most supermarkets, so why not start there?