So, you and your colleagues are going to get together in a ballroom or meeting room to do a team-building event that gives back to an organization in need. What are you actually going to get out of this event? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot.

1. Your team will problem-solve while getting to work and play together.
Who knew Bob from sales was so fun and clever? Doing a philanthropic team-building event aligns co-workers in new ways and provides a great creative outlet away from the office. Plus you get to bond while helping others—a powerful force for good!

2. Bonding while participating in a philanthropic event creates an even more meaningful experience.
Incorporating some CSR or other philanthropic opportunity as part of a team-building activity creates an emotional value and experience for those involved. It will create new bonds and strengthen existing relationships. It will also bring awareness to a community issue and provide an opportunity for you and your team members to help.

3. Team members get to shine and show off their individual strengths.
A team-building event requires different skills from each group member, which creates opportunities for everyone. Throughout the process, developing new ways of interacting with each other will create valuable, fresh perspectives that will travel with your team back to the office.

4. A deserving community organization reaps the benefits from your event.
Whether it’s books for a local school literacy program or boxes of food for a nearby food bank, your company will help provide tangible benefits to a group in need. So, your event will make a great contribution to the community.

5. Philanthropy & Engaged Staff = Happy Company
Research has shown that employees feel more connected and loyal to an organization that participates in CSR activities. An organization that places a focus on philanthropy translates into one that cares, and is not just about the bottom line.

Alan Ranzer, managing partner and co-founder of Impact 4 Good is a leading voice in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement. Under his leadership, the company has created and implemented hundreds of team-building activities for major corporations that have contributed immeasurably to local charities in the United States and abroad.

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