Smart Meetings TV spoke with Program Director for Cirque du Soleil, Jay Guilford, about their newest addition, Spark. The new and innovative program allows corporate and association groups to perform their own customized mini Cirque show. Guilford says Spark is tailored training, team-building and professional development, heightened by the excitement of Cirque. He explains that the Cirque team tries to immerse groups and offers a program which allows for full participation.

The Cirque program offers two options: an educational offering where guests can come and learn from the pros, and the “Ferrari” of Cirque sessions, where groups of 40 have a full Cirque experience. This experience is complete with make-up, costumes, casting, choreography, and a final performance. Gilford says Cirque has a team of professional photographers and videographers on set who create a “spockumentary” for their guests, which will last a lifetime.

The program representative adds that the Cirque team wants to immerse guests in the core Cirque tenants: creativity, immersiveness and dynamic shows.


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