Technology within the events community has undoubtedly advanced. Tech like AI has become a game changer but has also sparked discussions in how it is being used. This year, we took the time to explore the pros and cons of AI, and the importance of making sure your technology is good and ready for your event.

Helpful Technology for the Organized Traveler

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How can you use technology to travel better? Smart Meetings’ event tech contributor Brandt Krueger offers planners some insightful suggestions on how technology can be used to plan more thoughtfully before heading to the airport.

From apps like FlightAware to Google Drive, Krueger illustrates how simple phone apps can take some of the stress and headache out of travel.

Smart Tech: When Good Technology Goes Bad

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What to do when your tech fails at your event? Having a solid backup plan is always important, whether it is using video sites like Vimeo, having a portable 5G wireless device, back up iPhones or laptops. It is always good to be aware of what worst case scenario and have the necessary tools at hand.

In short: back up your back up.

Brace Yourself for an AI Explosion Beyond ChatGPT

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AI apps like ChatGPT have elevated creative work to the next level. Those facing idea roadblocks and blank pages can easily utilize the helpfulness of AI to generate breakthroughs in imagination. Generative AI can help in summarizing pages of content into short, digestible 50-to-100-word paragraphs.

The use of AI can also allow planners to draw up designs and custom images in a moment’s notice when facing tough deadlines and timeframes. Though challenges are expected, it is important to remember to consider the new possibilities in store by embracing this new technology.

Adding AI to Your Next Meeting

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Smart Meetings chatted with Iain McCowan, director of AI at Dubber, to get a sense of how AI can be a helpful tool for planners. McCowan notes that planners should see AI as a silent partner, helping and supporting you when needed.

Language is also a helpful tool when it comes to AI. It allows companies to gauge the happiness of their clients. AI, like Dubber, can help companies note changes in tone, which could be a gamechanger for companies who rely on understanding how their clients feel.

Why AI Might Mean Salvation for the Meetings Industry

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Guest author Nick Borelli believes AI may be the salvation of the events industry. This includes designing richer experiences for events, giving attendees the ability to select the best sessions at the event and who they should be meeting.

Because of AI, Borelli believes content will be easier to create, allowing planners to focus on creating inspiring experiences. Planners that invest in AI-powered apps, like surveys, can ultimately gain deeper insight into the wants and needs of event attendees.