What Do Michelin Star Restaurants Mean to Event Planners?

A meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant could be a powerful addition to any event. We want to know just how important access to these highly rated dining experiences is to you. Take this one-question poll now and we will report back on how starry-eyed the industry is about these rankings.

Yes, the Michelin Guide is produced by the same company that sells the tires. Many meeting planners choose to plan an event at a venue that features a Michelin-starred hotel, but aren’t quite sure how restaurants obtain them or what judging criteria is used. Michelin stars are awarded in three series.

One star: An excellent restaurant offering high quality cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard

Two stars: An outstanding restaurant, featuring skillfully and aesthetically pleasing cuisine that definitely warrants a visit

Three stars: The rare award is presented to restaurants that are of such prestige that they should be considered destination points. Guests should expect to dine extremely well. Dishes use the most gourmet ingredients possible and impeccable service is provided.

Michelin is very secretive about the criteria used to award stars, but some information is available. Michelin only focuses on the food—not on decor, table settings and such, like other reviews. Now that you have this valuable information, you will be able to not only plan a great event, but hopefully couple a great meal along with it.


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