People have been enjoying photo booths since their creation in 1925. The timeless, vintage style is simply irresistible. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than instant development. The structure of photo booths perseveres, but some companies have presented seriously cool updates. Check out the thrilling new products.

Magic Mirror

Tahoe Photo Mirrors doesn’t provide a booth; rather, it supplies an interactive mirror. On its full-length screen, funky graphics countdown and present cheeky messages such as “Last chance to be hot!” After the photo is taken, the user can use glowing ink to sign their “creation.” The colorful animations and quirky voice guidance are delightfully entertaining.

Slow-Mo Motion

The Slow Motion Booth introduces video booths. Professionals assist in top-notch footage, making sure each clip is artfully composed with slow motion effects during filming, editing and uploading. Up to 14 people can be packed into a shot. Plus, they have an option for musical accompaniment.

Instant Social Sharing 

TapSnap is an open-concept, high-tech photo service that allows attendees to instantly edit and seamlessly upload their pictures onto social media. Top brands including NBC, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Fox Sports and Visa have enlisted TapSnap photo booths for their events. Digital props can be added, messages can be written, moving effects can be integrated—the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Doodle Depictions

Disclaimer—Doodlebooth doesn’t technically involve photographs. Nonetheless, it’s a completely original and crafty way to create lasting memories. The portraits are drawn by an artist named Jana, who employs a Western- and Eastern-style cartooning that has been heavily influenced by both pop culture and fashion illustrations. At an event, Jana draws voluntary participants. The doodles are then assembled digitally and distributed. Jana’s nontraditional caricatures are also made accessible through an online gallery.

Virtual Surroundings

The Bosco uses green-screen-compositing technology to create virtual backgrounds for short video scenes. Whether the backdrop is a virtual catwalk, explosion or galaxy, the creative photo and video experience brings attendees into another world. The service produces a six-second video, available for use across all social media platforms. Also, did we mention GIFs are also available?