Summer is winding down and autumn’s nearly here, meaning it’s time to make the most of its seasonal specialties before we have to wait until next year. National Watermelon Day is a welcome reminder that nothing screams summer quite like this iconic fruit. An added bonus: they’re an anti-oxidant and provide a variety of health benefits, including hydration. We’ve come up with some original ways to incorporate this food into your next event—be sure to try them before September’s chill rolls in!

1. Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon can play a role in many alcoholic beverages. But when you mix it with the mighty force of Sangria, you get a truly refreshing blend. Elevate the vacation drink by adding watermelon and lime. If you like things spicy, throw in some jalapenos.

2. Carved Centerpieces

You might need to enlist a little artistic assistance when carrying out your vision, but it will be well-worth the effort. Make flowers, animals, logos—the options are endless people!

3. Served with Raw Fish  

Watermelon is the perfect, surprise addition to a poke bowl or sushi dish. As the fruit supplies an extra hue to the bright mix of colors, its flavor lends a refreshing burst in each bite.

4. Drink Keg

Stir-up any concoction and serve it out of a watermelon. The drink will have hints of watermelon’s invigorating flavor, plus how festive does it look?

5. Sorbet Sandwiches

The idea for enveloping creamy, frosty goodness between two slices comes from the Dominique Ansel Kitchen in New York, a bakery you might remember for being home of the original cronut. Imagine the sensation of this cool dessert on a balmy day.

6. Themed Décor

OK so this might not be a direct use of the fruit, but there’s no denying that watermelon’s colors always pop. You can find watermelon themes in pool floats, tablecloths, string lights, photo booth backdrops—the list goes on and on. Regardless of where the watermelons show up, their eye-catching, summer charm is sure to spur circulation on social media.