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In Smart Meetings‘ February issue, we highlight the tales from the front lines and tips for averting disaster in our cover feature, diving into when good meetings go bad. We asked veteran convention center habitués for their real-life, unexpected encounters—and we put together a handy guide for anytime you need to recover.

We are also exploring some stellar destinations: the lip-smacking hospitality of Atlantic City, the updated commonwealth of Virginia, the desert’s Silicon Valley in Reno/Tahoe, and so many more. Don’t miss the array of articles aimed at arming your planner toolkit with knowledge and strategy, like five strategic ways to build a speaker panel, Valentine’s Day-inspired dishes at hotels across the country, Simon Sinek on why the long game matters, a case study surrounding an upscale annual event, and more!

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Accommodate This: How to Woo a New Generation of Attendees

Smart Meetings surveyed experts on how to thoughtfully and economically accommodate the needs of attendees now wearing our name badges.

When Good Meetings Go Bad

Do you ever feel like an icy snowball the size of a ballroom has fallen on your perfectly planned event, forcing you to scramble to protect everyone while making everything…

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Q&A: How Magic Tricks Uncover False Assumptions

Planner lessons on theme and messaging from an expert magician specializing in corporate events. Learn the tricks, and do them yourself!

5 Ways to Navigate a Speaker Panel

How do you ensure your keynote speakers stay on topic? How can you boost your chances that attendees stay engaged? Here are five pro tips.

Simon Sinek’s Tips for Inspired Action

In his PCMA Convening Leaders 2020 presentation in January, TED Talk presenter Simon Sinek shared five practices for building a better business environment.

bioliphic design nature

Biophilic Design Brings the Genius of Nature Inside

Biophilic design is finally having its grand moment in the sustainability and health-and-wellness realms. Especially in the hospitality world. Check it out.

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