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In Smart Meetings’ August issue, we tackle the issue of burnout and how to manage stress in event planning. We also uncover the secrets to “bleisure,” generational differences on all-ages team and varying HCP compliance depending on your zip code.

We also explore the undiscovered gems of Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia, Central Florida’s adventures, the grooves of Southern California, and rejuvenating Hawaii. Don’t miss Michael Dominguez’s Q&A about his move to ALHI, our explanation of social media marketing, motivating forces for good, and so much more!

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Travel Survey Reveals Secrets for Making “Bleisure” Work

It may no longer be enough to secure a property with a big enough ballroom, adequate breakouts and high-speed Wi-Fi. On the must-have list may be a rushing river water…

The Joys of Generational Differences

Today’s worker population has evolved into a complex mix of old-school values, time-honored rules, new cultural touchstones, digital habits and varied viewpoints that challenge traditional work habits and workspaces.

How to Calm Your Planner Brain

When the World Health Organization recategorized burnout as a specific medical diagnosis, it was, in effect, putting event professionals—a job classification consistently rated as one of the most stressful on…

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100 Years of the Negroni

The negroni is the second most-called-for cocktail worldwide, yielding endless riffs made using aquavit, rose, coffee and even squid ink. Here are the best.

4 Rooftop Pool Bars That Elevate Their F&B

Does anything say sultry summer better than a high-spirited gathering at poolside? August is made for pool parties, so say “last one in’s a rotten egg” to all those chill…

CSR: A Motivating Force for Good in Incentive Travel

Incentive trips are designed to motivate employees to reach stretch goals and celebrate success as a team. But can the benefits go beyond that topline goal? Denise Naguib, vice president…

Demystify and Simplify Social Media Marketing

When utilizing social media as a marketing strategy, it helps to go into the campaign with metrics already in mind to determine what success will look like for your team.

5 Reasons to Use a Speakers Bureau to Find a Keynote

A keynote speaker can make or break an event. Relevant and inspiring messages that align with your event and resonate with your audience is crucial; so is the personality of…

Will Plant-Based Fish Be the Next Big Thing?

 Who doesn’t love a good tuna-fish sandwich? Well, OK, vegetarians and vegans don’t. And some people don’t like the, um, distinct odor. We’ve even heard of instances of office shaming…

10 Daily Habits to Increase Productivity

Is your daily routine leaving you tired and burnt out? Do you find it hard to build up the energy to get even the smallest tasks done? You’re not alone.…

Case Study: The Art of Planning in the Rain

We have all been there. A spectacular event has been in the planning stages for months. We have enlisted the top talent in the industry to create an experience unlike…

Your August Smart Style is Here

These sweet summer-inspired offerings will help you and your attendees get ahead and unwind. We recommend reading this by the pool.

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