It’s time for meeting profs to unite—and shop. We declare July to be the month we announce our independence from stress. Here are some cool finds to help you beat whatever heat the world delivers this month.

The Chill Stack

black-colored electronics

Relax like a pro with an infrared PEMF Pro Mat, ultra-soft organic cover, calming magnesium-based chews, get salty spray and serotonin soak. The ultimate namaste.

Higher Dose |

Clean Sweep

black and pink remotes

Mini UV sanitizing wands sterilize everything from airplane trays to cell phones in as little as 10 seconds. Rechargeable, chemical- and odor-free and ready to slip in your go-bag.

PhunkeeTree |

Personalized Power

wooden brown bracelet

From tiger’s eye for confidence and onyx for grounding to amethyst for anxiety and sodalite for communication, these wearable treatments from a New York therapist come with a quiz to determine the crystal prescription that will shift your mindset, improve your mood and help you feel better fast.

Rock Your Worth |

Flash Freeze

white electronic devices

OK, not for everyone, but for the 20% of women experiencing intermittent hot flashes, this discreet, reliable, 41 degrees at the push of a button gadget is welcome relief.

Uncommon Goods |

After Party

five vials of bath salts

Wash the stress of the event away with portable bath soak tubes in calming lavender-chamomile, energizing grapefruit-lemongrass and peppermint tea tree.

The Shop |

Swag It Up

bottle of creamSmooth Operators

1000 mg CBD cream promises relief for sore, cracked and arthritic skin and joints. It is THC-free and supports the Hugs Over Hate movement.

Livkind Wellness |

yellow wrapperEnergy To Go

Gluten, GMO, soy and dairy free, this raw, organic bar packs increased energy, daily nutrition and relief from the “hangries” in the palm of your hand.

Dr. Schulze’s |


colorful stripsCalm Strips

Anxiety sensory stickers attach to phone, computer, laptop, or any handy surface that allows the rough surface to be accessed for stress relief and comfort. Bright colors enhance focus on the moment at hand.

Prasacco |


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