5 Gifts That Will Make You Fall in Love

Win a FREE Helicone desktop toy! Tweet a few words about what’s currently on your desk. Use the hashtag #SmartMtgsStyle by Friday, March 9 to enter to win or email us at editorial@smartmeetings.com.

Congratulations to Danielle Adams, our last Smart Style winner!

The Hypnotic Helicone

The thin, brass tube twists back and forth in slow motion, creating beautiful shapes—ranging from helix to pine cone. This desk toy is guaranteed to distract and delight, as needed. store.moma.org

Love Seat

Functioning as both a comfortable seat and an art piece, the Panton Heart-Shaped Cone was originally designed by Verner Panton. vitra.com

Recharge in Style

No charger? No problem. Eliminate the anxiety of losing juice on the go with this sleek bracelet. It’s literally the easiest charger to keep on hand. markandgraham.com

Clean Breathing

Molekule’s nanotechnology doesn’t just trap pollutants—it eliminates them. Allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and airborne chemicals don’t stand a chance. molekule.com

Classic Cruiser

The nostalgic turntable gets a much-needed upgrade with built-in Bluetooth capability. The retro relic is also stylized with a choice of eight color options or tweed print. crosleyradio.com


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