What better way to break the ice than an impromptu dance party? Better yet, how about an activity that keeps participants active and communicating, and provides them with a property tour?

SmartHunts has been delivering corporate team-building events since 2010 and has been running the scavenger hunt game even longer. In fact, the company has evolved from paper clues and Polaroids to digital cameras. Today it owns proprietary technology that includes mobile apps and provides participants with iPads that offer clues, property maps and challenges that require video evidence to ensure every hilarious moment is documented.

“They are completely customizable experiences,” says Bryan Burns, co-founder and chief operating officer of SmartHunts. “They can be themed for foodie hunts, history hunts, museum hunts, or competitive amazing chase and road rallies, and even charitable [events such as] Locate and Donate, with bike-building stations.”

SmartHunts can be coordinated for groups of all sizes and for every kind of company. Average group size, according to Burns, is about 100, but smaller executive retreats of 12–15 and massive meeting groups work, too.

“We delivered an 1,800-person hunt on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. for Prudential of Singapore,” Burns says. Other clients include Fortune 500 companies, Intel, Pepsi and industries ranging from pharmaceutical to banking and insurance.

As technology continues to evolve, SmartHunts does, too. GPS mapping, live leaderboards and text messaging are just some of the features the app offers, and it recently added Pokemon Go features. Check out some entertaining corporate SmartHunts at youtube.com/SmartHunts.