7 Gift Ideas Too Sweet To Be Forgotten

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Little Bits of Luxury

Fresh botanical extracts create this lush collection of scented hand lotion. lollialife.com

Sweet Branding

Customizable cupcakes and cookies are a scrumptious way to showcase your logo or product. letthemeatcakenyc.com

Fairy Fastener

This nifty gadget acts as an extension of your hand in tightening or opening a bracelet clasp. The latest design is also barrel-clasp compatible. isabellacatalog.com

Glow with Savvy Style

With Snapchat’s Spectacles, the power to capture memories is at your fingertips. spectacles.com


This dome-shaped umbrella has the power to shield in any type of weather without compromising visibility (or style). shedrain.com

Labeled & Lovely

These pouches are the stuff of organizers’ dreams. And can you think of a more efficient or adorable way to pack for your next trip? bag-all.com

Fidget Cube

Fidget spinners have exploded in popularity, but why settle for the cheap version that everyone has? This cube is a multitasker’s dream. nordstrom.com


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