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Congratulations to Shameka Jennings, our last Smart Style winner!

Bath Time Bouquet

These artisanal crafted flowers are guaranteed to spruce up any bath time. Fragrant notes include bergamot, pink pepper, narcissus, rose, vanilla, cedarwood and vetiver.

Catnap Tea

The calming tea includes rose petals, lavender flowers, chamomile, organic orange peel and catnip—which (as with cats) produces a sedative-like effect on humans.

Cubii-cal Workout

Having trouble fitting in all your New Year’s resolutions? The Cubii Jr. elliptical will support fitness without taking up too much space or time.

Fit for Foodies

Take your flair for food to the next level with this stylish cooking set. It includes all the makings of a finely tuned dish.

Retro Relic

Compatible with smartphones and tablets, the Penna wireless keyboard is a stylish and modern way to embrace a vintage gem.

Dali Doodle Doo

The wooden clock houses a chirping bird as the sounds of a river flow out the horn. This timepiece is chaos that would have pleased Salvador Dali.

Pleasant Planting

Looking to brighten space with greenery but lacking a green thumb? This colorful pot is an easy, low-maintenance, creative and, most importantly, clean project for any innovative spirit.