7 Red-Hot Gifts to Warm Up the Cold Months Ahead

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Cozy Coffee

Warm up the season with the Nady’s Nook knit sleeve. During chilly months, hot beverages are a must. The knit sleeve is the most eco-friendly way to carry them. etsy.com

Stun with Sweet Stones

Each gem is hand crafted and comprised of worldwide items. Only the finest fair trade chocolate is used. Wait, did candy just get sophisticated? phillipashleychocolates.com

Seamlessly Sophisticated

The flats’ rounded toe, slip-resistant rubber sole and layered foam cushioning offer maximum comfort while the supple leather material exudes a timelessly polished appearance. toryburch.com

Your Napparatus

The Trtl (pronounced turtle) was designed by mechanical engineers, with goal of maximum travel comfort. After all, you need some shut eye if you want to dream big! trtltravel.com

Sunrise Simulator

Lumie Bodyclock wakes you gradually with increasing natural light, signaling a slow-down of melatonin production. The clock also tracks your sleep cycle throughout the day, ensuring peak energy during waking hours. lumie.com

Wipe Away the Wine

Every wine lover has endured the embarrassment of purple-stained teeth. Wine Wipes will save you future humiliation with a compact mirror and wine-removing, taste-less cloths.  winewipes.com

Defying Gravity

It might look like a sculpture but this gravity-defying chair offers one-of-a-kind comfort with its ergonomic design. Plus the scarlet fabric is exclusive to MoMA. store.moma.org


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