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Treat attendees and VIPs to unique, thoughtful gifts they will definitely want to take home. Smart Meetings has selected an assortment of items that can make work and travel more enjoyable, and contribute to good health and well-being. Bonus: Everyone will remember your event!

Floating Gems

As unbelievable as it may seem, these balloons really do stay afloat. The hot glass-blown balloons come in stunning color options—orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each jeweled balloon is finished with a thin, barely there metal string. When mixed in the air, these balloons resemble a floating mosaic. Hand-blown by Robert Kuster, this one-of-a-kind decor lifts the traditional balloon to much greater heights.

Melodic Isolation

Mk5 Earphones are the latest addition to Etymotic’s Isolator earphone series. The small earbuds mute surrounding buzz as they amp up the crystal-clear sound of your music. In keeping with their predecessors, mk5 uses technology that pairs the ear’s response for natural sound reproduction with a broad frequency range. Plus, the earphones support hearing safety with their top sound-blocking capabilities.

Inventive Footwear

These slip-on shoes seamlessly switch from outdoor to indoor wear with their detachable soles. The removable sole provides traction, protection and heel support. Optimal comfort is always guaranteed, with or without the soles. The instant flick-on, clip-down soles are available in eight colors.

Product Prolonging Apparatus

Those heartbroken by waste can rejoice. A solution has been found to the restrictive casing of foundations, lotions and creams—it’s called The Spatty. The tool is designed to fit inside small openings that no other tool can squeeze into. Products will now truly fulfill their potential, yielding every last drop. The Spatty comes in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes.

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Holographic Co-Captain

Since we can’t seem to separate from our precious tech devices for even a moment, Navdy has found a way to accommodate driving-relating functions—in a super modern design to boot. Using projection technology and a paired Navdy app, drivers can get directions, answer calls and play music without having to divert their eyes from the road or yell at Siri.

Color it Out

Coloring books have transitioned from a playtime activity to a therapeutic means of self-expression. Velas Resorts’ coloring book comprises 56 pages and features an assortment of mandalas, ancient spiritual symbols often used in meditation. The coloring book is available at the resort and comes with its own set of colored pencils. What better way to unwind between meetings or on a flight?

Culinary Chemistry

Consolidate your inner culinary artist with your inner mad scientist. Introducing the Deluxe Molecular Styling Kit and Cookbook, designed for molecular gastronomy, down to the included utensils. Unique creations, such as caviar-style pearls, are sure to make your senses bubble and explode.