Cafe du Parc photo by Janet Scanlon

Fortified by creativity, powerhouse ingredients and global influences, salads go from glum to glam. There’s no single recipe for salad success. Textural variety, layered flavors and unexpected elements are all part of the mix. Filling fixings such as grains, proteins and healthy fats keep midafternoon snack attacks at bay—no soup or sandwich necessary. Whatever the craving, there’s an inspired option out there to satiate it. Every choice accounts for a healthy portion of your daily fruit and vegetable intake, so you’ll never have to worry about diners’ remorse.


New Orleans

Even those who deem the Caesar salad perfect as is will be moved to reconsider after tasting the amplified version served at Seed. Solar panels and recycled menus are part of the restaurant’s mission to provide a sustainable dining experience grounded in healthy nourishment and New Orleans culinary traditions. The Seed Caesar calls upon basil, capers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted garlic to disperse bold Mediterranean flavor throughout the dish. Shaved cauliflower makes an appearance, too.



For an elevated take on an Asian-influenced salad, head to Cassis at Grand Hyatt Atlanta. The Togarashi Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad awakens the entire palate with its mix of hot, sweet, salty, sour and umami flavors. The sweetness comes courtesy of basil-ponzu vinaigrette, splashed over silken ahi tuna, blistered shishito peppers, tender baby lettuces and crunchy heirloom carrots. It’s a perfect expression of executive chef Jesse McDannell’s passion for Asian cuisine.

Cafe du Parc

Washington, D.C.

Taste the superfood rainbow at Willard InterContinental’s Cafe du Parc, where Blueberry Kale Salad covers a spectrum of flavors and nutrients. Blueberries, kale, spinach, carrots and beets pack sweetness, crunch and earthiness. The addition of farro, an ancient grain, imparts a nutty flavor. To temper kale’s bitterness, chef Peter Laufer turned to the tart-sweet tang of honey mustard dressing. When a salad is this beautiful and satisfying, eating healthfully becomes a treat.

Joan’s on Third

Los Angeles

A gourmet marketplace, cafe and full-service catering company rolled into one, Joan’s on Third serves up high-quality fare to eat on the go or onsite at one of two Los Angeles locations. Inventive salad offerings abound, including one that delivers a fiesta-worthy feast. The Southwest Salad supplies maximum crunch thanks to jicama, red pepper, curried chickpeas and tortilla strips. Sweet roasted corn, velvety avocado and spicy cilantro dressing round out the ensemble.


Lanai City, Hawaii

Views at Manele Golf Course, part of Four Seasons Resort Lanai, boasts a cliff-top setting that emphasizes the sparsely populated island’s scenic appeal. Heighten the experience by ordering the Makai Salad, bursting with the bounty of the local land and sea. Creamy avocados, sweetly acidic mangoes and mildly bitter papaya harmonize with a medley of delicate scallops, juicy prawns and sweet lobster. A dose of lilikoi, or passion fruit, dressing completes the dish.