Luxury language and presentation tips

IACC 2024 in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, was centered around empowering attendees to be seen, heard and respected as they drive their careers forward as leaders in the meetings and events industry. Quinn Conyers was the keynote speaker to kick off the event, driving home her message of self-presentation and “luxury language to be an effective leader.”

Smart Meetings was also privileged to be a judge for IACC Americas Innovations Workshop. The presenters included Capital One, Verizon The Ridge Hotel, Swedish Meetings, FLIK Conference Centers, De Vere Hotels and Thrive Meetings!. All presentations were focused on new and inventive ideas that would attract meeting professionals and attendees to ideas centered around trends such as sustainability, food and beverage diversity, networking and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Luxury Language

Conyers had a visual of a word cloud to define her idea of “luxury language” to define what it means and how professionals in the meetings and events industry can use this type of lexicon to elevate their careers and establish themselves as successful professionals.

Lots of “E” words were standing out in the word cloud. The largest word was “empower.” Luxury language can be used to establish your worth as you present yourself to potential partners, employers or when you pursue any other personal or professional ventures. The next largest words were “engage” and “elevate.” Conyers expressed the importance of using luxury language to not shy away from powerful words as you are presenting, but to advance your vernacular to develop your business relationship and implement a level of respect for your intent.

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Most Common Mistakes

The conference discussed some common mistakes meeting professionals can make while navigating their business relationships in the industry.

  • Don’t let your personal brand or communication style negatively effect your leadership role. Meet your team where they are—they may not have the same communication style as you. You are a part of a team, not leading people who think exactly like you.
  • Don’t lead with your title—more people are interested in and respect you for your transformation. Talk about your journey, not your accolades.
  • Don’t shy away from effectively communicating your abilities in your profession. State the reasons why you are the best candidate for the job effectively and articulately with confidence. Don’t shy away from standing behind your knowledge and abilities.
  • Never use Discount Dialect! When pitching, presenting or speaking to the public, always use luxury language. Be empowered, engaging and elevating the experience

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Innovative Presentations

Smart Meeting editor Morgan Saltz was elected to participate as a judge in the IACC Americas Innovations Workshop. The presenters included Capital One, Verizon The Ridge, Swedish Meetings, FLIK Conference Centers, De Vere Hotels and Thrive Meetings!. The criteria categories for judging were:

  • Impact on the intended stakeholder
  • Creativity
  • Well thought out design
  • Well communicated/presented to stakeholders

Every presenter had an incredible pitch, ranging from monthly mix and mingle event series from Raenell Chapaign from Capital One to effective ways to advance minority employees pitched by Mike Taylor from Verizon The Ridge. Ultimately the winner was TJ Fimmano, general manager of FLIK Hospitality, after delivering a captivating presentation on an innovative plan that incorporates sustainability, team building and experiential tourism into a honeybee-based farm to table program.