First Smart Meeting of 2019 Raised the Bar

Smart Meetings founder and CEO Marin Bright

After a decade of bringing event professionals together to share strategies and learn about new ways to wow attendees, Smart Meetings pushed the format to pack in even more meaningful networking and sharing. The first Smart Meeting of 2019 was on Jan. 23 at Fairmont San Francisco, and attendees got a peek at some of the improvements being rolled out this year.

Access to New, Exciting Spaces and Ideas


Smart Meeting events were one of the first to offer high-energy, one-on-one appointments. These hyper-efficient meetings allow attendees to talk to lots of people who can help them up their game in a short amount of time. The connections are generated by a combination of emerging matching technology and high-touch concierge pairings.



The first batch of these high-level networking appointments unfolded against the backdrop of stunning interior and exterior views at the Northern California landmark destination property, so of course the welcome reception was held in a stunning, three-bedroom penthouse suite. Over truffled risotto and a signature cocktail, attendees got to know each other better without a large clock ticking in the background.



This exclusive space, which has hosted countless presidents over the years, featured a Moroccan-themed billiards room, library tower and patio views of the city as the sun set and street lights clicked on. Having access to rooms that few groups have stepped in before and recently remodeled spaces that will soon be in demand has become one of the trademarks of Smart Meeting events.

Digital Megaphone

Chris Koenig, Giants Enterprises

Chris Koenig, Giants Enterprises

Posted by Smart Meetings on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This year, Smart Meetings is adding new elements that allow more people to benefit from these valuable resources than ever before. Because only a limited number of people can fit into a penthouse or at one-on-one appointment tables, Smart Meetings integrated social media into the mix with Facebook Live and Twitter posts.

Marin Bright carefully selects vendors offering tips at these events and knows that our thousands of followers will want the updates and deals being presented on-site. Now it is possible for event professionals following along at home to gain insights on the words of wisdom from speakers and presenters. They can even comment, repost and share with their friends from the convenience of their phone or desktop.

Intentional Optimism


We all know that stress is one of the leading causes of disease and burnout. January’s speaker, Kay Frances, suggested that event professionals laugh their way to a healthy life balance. The author of The Funny Thing about Stress; A Seriously Humorous Guide to a Happier Life, explained that negative emotions should be visitors who help us reevaluate our situation, not full-time house guests. She suggests that instead of purging closets Kondo-style, planners should rid their lives of toxic people. “Choose to be with people who nourish your soul and give you joy,” she said.

More words of wisdom will be shared at Smart Meeting Southern California at Sheraton Grand Los Angeles on Feb. 28.