7 Ways to Reimagine Event Signage

When planning an event, you want every detail to stand out. You found your keynote speaker, the PowerPoint slides are finished and the location is booked. But one of the most important things has yet to be figured out: signage that both gets its job done and appeals to your guests. We’ve compiled a list of seven types of signage to will make your event stylish and unique.

1. A Greeting to Remember

Never underestimate a first impression. Entrance signs are one of, if not the most, important signs. They help people simultaneously find and feel welcomed to your event. Use large letters to spell out the overall message of the event, light up the front walkway with bundles of fairy lights or deck-out a huge board with the event’s agenda.

2. Pop with Polaroid

Popular at weddings, but occasionally incorporated into events, is the giant polaroid prop. Place a logo or hashtag in the blank space, and attendees will automatically spread the word to their followers. Consider it low-cost marketing.

3. Decal the Walls

Wall decals are easy to put up and remove. Using bold text and arrows will help capture eventgoers’ eyes, leading them to the bathrooms, conference rooms, or food court. You can also mix and match to customize messages. Best part? At the end of the event, you just peel them down, no clean-up required.

4. Grass is Greener

If your event is green, casual or outdoors, then moss and grass signs are likely a good fit. Simply cut out enough turf for an arrow and place it on the wall to direct guests to your event’s entrance. It’s clean, minimalist and on brand.

5. Make it Glow

Neon signs are adaptable. They can be flashy or professional, Vegas or corporate, casual or classy. Whether you’re using a sign to tell event attendees where to eat or simply providing a fun photo opportunity, a neon sign will guarantee your event is lit.

6. Tagged Tables

We’ve all been there: you’re searching for your name card at a table, and the lights have dimmed while you’re still trying to find your seat. Alleviate the stress and use a board telling guests their assigned table. With less time spent scrambling, attendees will have their full attention on your event.

7. Blow it Up

There are two ways you can float your signs. If there is a pool nearby, consider using inflatables to spell out a slogan or brand name. If you have access to balloons, liven up a room and incorporate balloons that follow the theme of your event. Just make sure to pin them down, and voila!


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