Most business meetings and trainings take place in business hotels. There are sound reasons for this.

Business hotel conference areas are usually located on separate, quiet floors.

Ready-to-Use Equipment
In addition to tables and chairs, they generally have conference phones, Wi-Fi accessibility, writing charts and protector screens.

Food and Beverage Options
Most offer banquet services with customizable menus.

Experienced Staff
Your meeting or event is not the hotel’s first event (and hopefully won’t be its last!) Staff is trained to quickly resolve room assignment issues, food concerns, technical difficulties, etc.

Professional Environment
Business hotels generally steer clear of nightclubs in order to ensure that all visitors can sleep and work the next day. Some, like The Forum in South Florida, are alcohol free.

Easy Access
Guests simply take the elevator to the meeting room; no need to hassle with traffic.

Better Incentives
In addition to discounted group rates, planners booking business hotels can negotiate for deals on food and beverage, spa services, etc., especially during off-peak times.

Powerful Networking
Meeting in a hotel conference room, where colleagues can interact face-to-face, is often more impactful than teleconferencing.

Change up the Routine
Business travel offers employees a break in the routine, which can lead to increased productivity and new ideas.

Team Building
When the whole group is together, there is greater opportunity for brainstorming and team building.