3 New Hangouts on Charleston’s King Street

Each season, a crop of debut restaurants arrives to reinvigorate the Charleston, South Carolina, dining scene. The class of 2018 includes three of-the-moment King Street hangouts where meeting attendees can grab a snack, attend an off-site function or enjoy a futuristic self-serve wine tasting. For evidence of Charleston’s unfailing ability to saturate its every square mile with deliciousness, indulgence and hospitality, look no further than this closely clustered trio.

Millers All Day

Flaunting the rules is business as usual at Millers All Day, where you can feast on cornmeal pancakes, farro salad or a country ham biscuit any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The single-menu concept is especially enticing for people in search of sustenance at off-peak hours—for example, conference attendees deposited downtown straight from the airport. Millers’ menu includes signature Charleston dishes such as grits and Hoppin John, as well as irreverent offerings such as Mello Yello Sour, available daily at happy hour.

Uptown Social

Uptown Social encourages casual camaraderie with shareable, crowd-pleasing fare, including pizza, sliders and tacos. A selection of grown-up frozen drinks features the requisite frose and scores serious style points with slushy dark and stormies, and an icy margarita/paloma hybrid. Add to that wines on draft, signature cocktails and a craft beer selection that boasts a custom-brewed Session IPA created in collaboration with Palmetto Brewing, and you have a perfect spot for group gatherings. Uptown Social’s 10,000 sq. ft. encompasses private party rooms and VIP areas. Total buyouts are also available.


What counts as novelty in the frozen yogurt realm is a game-changer when applied to wine. At Uncork, due to open soon, wine lovers can choose not only their desired varietal, but also their preferred portion. These options come courtesy of a state-of-the-art wine dispensing system capable of pouring one, two or four ounces of any of the 40 wines on tap from locales such as Greece, Lebanon and South Africa. The interactive, sophisticated and fun concept means no more 20-minute group discussions to decide which bottle to order, and no taster’s remorse if your first choice doesn’t suit your palate. Cheers!

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