After several extensive upgrades, Javits Center was recently awarded LEED Silver Certification. The New York convention center underwent a five-year $463 million renovation that transformed the facility into a model for convention center sustainability.

“The Javits Center has become a model of sustainability for buildings throughout the region,” said Alan Steel, president and CEO of New York Convention Center Operating Corporation. “Our mission has always been to support New York’s economy, but with our recent improvements, we are now supporting our community in a new way.”

Improved green features completed last year have reduced energy consumption by 26 percent. Savings in energy cost are due to its signature eco-friendly features, including a 7-acre green roof atop the building—the second largest of its kind, housing area wildlife such as bats, birds and bees.

To reduce bird collisions into its glass facade, Javits Center also installed a stainless steel paneled curtain wall to reduce reflectivity from 35 percent to 8 percent. A ceramic pattern has reduced the amount of solar absorption to the building while creating a visual obstruction for the birds.  More than 6,000 panels were installed and have already lowered bird collisions by 90 percent. As a result, the convention center has received recognition from National Audubon Society, New York City Audubon and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

New sustainable strategies for LEED Silver Certification awarded to Javits Center include:

Green roof moderates temperature inside the building, and can absorb 72 percent of rainfall that drops on top of the building.

More than 100 energy-efficient HVAC units installed

Potable water reduced by 32 percent due to new and upgraded fixtures, saving 2.9 million gallons of water each year.

77 percent of construction waste, equal to 7,567 tons, was diverted from landfill.

Efficient building upgrades include energy-efficient lighting, controlled ventilation via CO2 sensors, improved glass ratings and better-insulated walls and roof.

Javits Center has 840,000 sq. ft. of flexible exhibition space, 102 meeting rooms,  four banquet halls and strong Wi-Fi capabilities.