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Can You Negotiate Away Annoying Hotel Fees?

You Can Negotiate Away Annoying Hotel Fees

In this case, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. The resort fee—a daily charge tacked onto a hotel or resort room rate for services guests may or may not want—began there about eight years ago. Last year, the U.S. hotel market collected an estimated $2.7 billion for all manner of fees and surcharges,…

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6 Terms to Familiarize with Before 2018

The New Year is just around the corner. And keeping up with the latest trends should definitely be on your resolution list. In an ever-changing industry, corporate planners are expected to always be at the cutting edge—whether its tech, design, F&B or marketing.  Here are some terms to learn before the ball drops. 1. Crowd-shaping…

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How to Plan a World-Changing Rally (Or, Lessons from the Year of the March)

You have heard of festivalization of conferences? The biggest trend in 2017 may have been the mainstreaming of marching. Eventbrite reported an almost 30 percent increase in activist events in the last 12 months, with almost twice as many people participating in rallies and protests as the year before. From the Women’s March in January…

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Tips for Bringing the Rain

According to Ed “The Rainmaker” Robinson, only by moving through fear and resistance to acceptance and commitment do magic things happen. Robinson compared the shift in mindset to moving from fighting the storm to dancing in the rain. That is the key to turning you and your team into rainmakers—efficient, successful salespeople—no matter if the title is technically “event professional.” Our jobs are all about selling something in the end, even if it is a vision for a better meeting.

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Evacuation Tips in Case of Fire Disaster

Fires raging in Southern California have already destroyed 1,000 structures. Tens of thousands of event attendees have been impacted as groups deal with air quality warnings and, in some cases, evacuation orders. We spoke with Julie Mauer, vice president of marketing for Silverado Resort and Spa, which evacuated during the Wine Country fires in October…

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