3d illustration of world's most popular attractions sitting atop white airplane

Flight Plan

Bumpy airlines schedules, flight cancellations and delays are causing disruptions for event profs and the population at large. This is not over weather but over something potentially even more ominous—staffing shortages.

Laptop sitting on a desk with a zoom call going on.

How to Zoom Your Events Like a Pro

colorful image of cover of the book 'gather: the business of coming together'

The Business of Coming Together

illustration of green paper airline flying out of a forest

Now Boarding at Gate Green…

businessman looking at the entrance of a maze, representing navigating covid during business meetings

The Challenge of Safely Returning to In-person Corporate Events

A vector illustration of a woman balancing emojis representing different emotions.

Meetings MBA: Emotions Drive Motivation

How can your employee recognition program tap into that link between emotion and motivation for better results? Here are 3 ways to make it happen.