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British Airways Boeing 777 Nears Supersonic Flight Speeds

Riding a jet stream of up to 200mph, Transatlantic passengers traveling from JFK to Heathrow reached near-supersonic speeds on their red-eye flight last Wednesday. While flights headed over the Atlantic benefited from these unusual tailwinds, passengers flying westward battled slower than average travel times. Read the source article at International

Smart Meeting San Francisco Brings Out Top Suppliers

Need a dog? Stay at a Hotel

Inciting Customer Experience with Adventure

Strong 2014 Finish for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Ranks World’s Safest Airlines announced the top ten safest airlines of 2015 by examining airline operational history, incident records and operational excellence. Other rating systems taken into account were factors related to audits from the FAA, ICAO as well as government audits. See what airlines ranked the safest for 2015. Read the source article at International