What Not to Do When Planning Your Next Virtual Event

Presenter: Sarah Reed, Brandt Krueger, Timothy Simpson

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Three active virtual meeting designers will share what planners are getting wrong—and right—about shifting to digital gatherings. Why are you planning a meeting? What is the right number of meetings? How long should they be? Who should attend? How do you create emotional impact that drives action? What parts of an in-person event translate to virtual—and what doesn’t? How do you map the experience for your personas? Is now the right time to experiment and try the unexpected?

Sarah Reed: Sr. Director of Global Strategic Events for Zendesk
After almost two decades of running global contact centers, Sarah Reed transitioned from the day-to-day leadership of hundreds (thousands) of customer service agents to talking nonstop about our need for better business and customer relationships. Her vast experience leading teams from many cultures, countries, and industries honed her empathetic approach, which she shares through thought-provoking writing, educational resources, and exciting live events. As Senior Director of Global Strategic Events for Zendesk, she now curates experiences that heavily promote optimistic relationships—whether it be with customers, colleagues, or the world around us.
Brandt Krueger: Owner, Event Technology Consulting
Brandt Krueger is a technical producer and consultant based in Minneapolis, instructor with Event Leadership Institute (available through Smart U) and event tech correspondent for Smart Meetings.
Timothy Simpson: Brand and Engagement Chief Strategist for Maritz Global Events
He is a global creative marketer with roots in the advertising, telecommunications, transportation and logistics industries. With an MFA in Poetry and an eclectic and varied background, Tim spent 9 years developing multiple brands owned by a global Fortune 150 company. He then branched out in July 2016 to start his own practice (TS Creative Consulting). In mid-2018, Tim joined forces with the Design Studio by Maritz Global Events to drive growth and deliver direct client strategy consulting; and continues his advisory and mentorship work for start-ups and small/mid-sized businesses.

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