Start Attracting Event Investors: How to Develop a Successful Sponsorship Strategy

Presenter: Noel McWilliams, Sponsorship Manager for Cvent, and Meg Fasy, Consultant

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This webinar was originally scheduled for May 21 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET.

You know your events are awesome, right? So why don’t you have people banging down your door asking to sponsor your events? Building an effective sponsorship strategy (or expanding an existing one) will help you attract and retain more sponsors, increase attendee satisfaction and earn more sponsorship revenue.

Join sponsorship enthusiasts, Meg Fasy, who consults with a variety of organizations and Noel McWilliams, Sponsorship Manager for Cvent for a dynamic discussion about sponsor acquisition, package development, sponsorship propensity, expenses vs. price vs. profit margin, and much more.

They’ll cover:

  • Industry trends and fresh ideas to inform your sponsorship strategy
  • Best practices for prospectus development
  • How to demonstrate impact and prove ROI
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