How H.I.Q. (Holistic Intelligence Quotient) Can Improve Your Meeting

Presenter: Amilya Antonetti, Chief Digital Strategist and Marketing Officer at Steve Harvey World Group

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Our beliefs, thoughts, habits, words and actions are all elements of human behavior. H.I.Q. helps one see what is hidden within our behavior that makes up 50 percent, or more, of our ultimate success or failure. This is true for your potential attendees too.

Understanding human behavior and personality “needs and triggers” for the people you work with and your attendees allows you to be deliver better:

  • Experiences for each personality type
  • Understand how different formats fit—or don’t—for different learning styles

This deep dive on the strategies of applying Holistic Intelligence to event planning will help everyone be more effective at work and at home.

More educational webinars are available at Smart U

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