Event Budget Magic: How to Hit KPIs in Any Economy

Presenter: Heather Pilcher

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Balancing dollars and goals is always an art, but even more so when pundits warn of a looming recession, and executives become wary. Veteran event producer Heather Pilcher has captured the variables across in-person, virtual and hybrid events from 50 to over 200,000 attendees. She’ll show you how to choose the right expense line items spending on your event type, additional ones you may not have considered, and how these choices can directly tie to key performance indicator goals, happy attendees, and glowing reviews. She agreed to share her secrets on this toolkit webinar.

You will learn:

  • A clear process for creating and managing a budget.
  • How to make budgets tailored to your ideal event format.
  • Tips and tricks to save thousands of dollars.
  • How to communicate your vision to decision-makers.

Heather Pilcher, CMP, CSEP is the CEO and Executive Producer of Blue Spark Event Design, based in Orlando, Florida. For more than 23 years she has taken a unique and innovative approach to corporate planning.

She has traveled the globe building impactful experiences for her corporate clients ranging from promotional events to brand activations,and conferences to incentive celebrations for groups of 50 to 200,000 or more.

With the help of thousands of licensed partners internationally, and her team she orchestrated, she has enabled Blue Spark to be a consistent collaborator to her patrons regardless of whether they meet in a virtual, hybrid or live event environment. Heather travels with clients, as if she were a part of their brand, and strategically provides solutions for their needs.

Through thoughtful planning, elite CSEP and CMP designations, sought-after awards, and a lot of spunk – Heather has established her role as one of the industry’s top event professionals.

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