Contract Clauses You Need in 2024

Presenter: Darryl B. Cohen

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It’s time to have some fun with contract clauses. Hospitality law attorney Darryl Cohen has seen it all when it comes to force majeure and attrition and he has pledged to offer some real-talk about what to include and not include in your contracts in 2024 to protect your investment. But he also believes in finding win-win solutions that can save on lengthy and expensive litigation when the worst happens.

You can expect to come away with:

  • What to include—and not include—in venue contracts
  • Real-world force majeure clause triggers in a post-Covid world
  • Tips for managing AI and data privacy concerns
  • Q&A session on issues and concerns from attendees

Darryl B. Cohen, a Partner at Cohen, Cooper, Estep & Allen, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in Entertainment, Criminal Defense, and Hospitality Law.


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