5 Tips for Taking Your Internal Events Virtual

Presenter: Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales

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Your major company events shouldn’t be just another meeting. Companywide events, global town halls and sales kickoffs are rallying events meant to motivate, inspire and educate your teams. But how do you grab attention and keep your team engaged in a virtual or hybrid world?

Learn how a virtual event platform can help you raise the bar of your biggest companywide events. We’ll talk best practices for using enterprise-class video streaming, audience engagement tools, feedback surveys and attendee networking to make sure your internal event is the dynamic and energizing masterpiece you need to get your teams ready to succeed.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • How a virtual event platform can drive absorption of content, real engagement and collaboration at your events
  • Best practices for safer hybrid internal events
  • Keys for capturing powerful digital data and analytics on employee activity

Presenter: Brian Ludwig, Senior Vice President, Sales

Brian joined Cvent in 2000 as sales rep and the fifth team member of Cvent. Now, with over 20 years of experience in the event industry, he oversees the worldwide sales of Cvent’s flagship event management and marketing platform. Affectionately nicknamed Luddy, as SVP of Sales he works hand-in-hand with Cvent’s global sales team, and leadership across the organization to help shape strategy and direction in terms of product roadmap, client services, marketing initiatives, operational efficiencies, and acquisitions. A self-proclaimed “event tech nerd” he routinely travels across the globe and is often called upon to speak at conferences regarding technology trends impacting the meetings and events industry.

More educational webinars are available at Smart U

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