Hyatt Offers TV Streaming Service with Staycast App

Guests who stay at participating Hyatt hotels will soon be able to access their favorite television shows, movies and personal content on TVs through a secure mobile app.

Hyatt is partnering with Sonifi Solutions to deliver video-streaming service to guests at 14 participating hotels, the companies announced. Hyatt selected Sonifi’s Staycast technology to integrate with in-room TVs at participating hotels using Google’s Chromecast system.

Chromecast is powered by a small device that connects to TVs and enables users to watch content from subscription-based providers, including Netflix and Hulu, as well as YouTube videos and more than 1,000 additional apps.

“This industry-leading collaboration is one more way World of Hyatt builds experiences with an understanding of what’s most important to our community of travelers,” said Debbie Goetz, senior vice president of corporate marketing for Hyatt. “Today’s traveler often has one or more streaming subscriptions, and now they can view their favorite content on the big screen when they’re on the road, too.”

Staycast has been integrated with Hyatt’s mobile app to allow guests to watch movies from subscription-based accounts without being charged by the hotel. In fact, Hyatt guests don’t even need to enter a code or personal credentials on the hotel TV, according to the company.

“Hyatt’s forward thinking approach has pushed, motivated and mobilized our respective teams to deliver an experience that is quite personal and simple for Hyatt guests around the world,” said Sonifi CEO Ahmad Ouri.

In addition to watching movies and TV shows from Hulu and Netflix, hotel guests can access and stream personal photos and videos, music channels and business presentations.

Hyatt’s press release did not include a list of all 14 participating hotels. The hotel’s secure-streaming system was first implemented in 2015 at Hyatt Regency San Francisco, and later at Hyatt’s Andaz 5th Avenue in New York City. The in-room streaming service is now available at Hyatt Regency New Orleans and Hyatt Centric French Quarter New Orleans.

The hotel’s mobile app can be downloaded from


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