6 Advanced Mobile Apps for Work

Say goodbye to cumbersome expense reports and inefficient in-boxes. With these six advanced mobile apps, never waste another minute searching for lost documents or organizing projects. Today’s intuitive technologies will keep you one step ahead of the crowd and closer to the future of work.

1. Trello is a simple, yet powerful tool to virtually organize your projects. Create whiteboards and card-based to-do lists with photos and videos you can invite others to view and comment on. With easy sharing features, delegate tasks or work on personal projects.J

2. Just like renting a Zipcar, rent out office space for a fixed amount of time through Breather. This advanced mobile app lets you meet with a client or find a quiet space to respond to emails between appointments. Spaces with Wi-Fi, power plugs and charging docks are available for a half hour at a time. It is currently offered in New York, San Francisco, Montreal and Ottawa, with more cities on the way.

3. Canvas is an impressive advanced mobile app that puts more than 5,000 prebuilt forms literally at your fingertips. From invoices and expense reports to checklists and work orders, customize your forms on the go. Additional features include signature capturing and cloud synchronization.

4. On the surface it looks like a mundane word processor and spreadsheet app. But dig deeper and Quip offers collaborative features that are even better than Google Docs. Work on documents at the same as co-workers, and keep in touch with a real-time chat system. You can also access various cloud storage services and export them into Word, PDF and Excel formats.

5. For all of those virtual storage and email services, CloudMagic ties them all into one cohesive advanced mobile app with multiple features. Streamline your corporate email, Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud, and save messages with note-taking, list-making and CRM services.

6. Drupe synchronizes your contacts and organizes them into whatever app you normally use to communicate. For example, add work colleagues to email, Skype for family or Facebook for another. Even standard phone calls get their own folder.


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